No plumbing?

No problem!

Our compost loos

are perfect for your 1's and 2's!.

Go on, give the world a hug!

Compost toilets are the future!


All our compost loos are little planet savers. They are all low maintenance, with no contraptions, no vents, no fans, no fuss, no gimmicks, just gorgeous, reliable, simple loos, made with love and care.


They all arrive ready to use with free delivery in UK.

We specialise in simplicity and offer personalised designs.

 Our compost loos each save around 50,000 litres of water per person per year and give back to the land naturally.

We sorted the problem of human waste to waste-not.



Our Wee Hoose compost toilet separators take the wiff out of waste by diverting the contents thoughtfully to individual containers, making your compost loo a more hygienic and pleasant place to be.

Our composting toilet separators save up to 80% compost material so you are emptying your containers less allowing you to work less and play more.


Our simple yet beautifully handcrafted compost toilet separators are made from a high-quality marine grade fiberglass by fiberglass experts to the marine and environmental compost loo industry since 1992.


These separators are perfect for any situation, and fit every toilet seat for those of you interested in building or retrofitting your own composting toilet project.


Simple solutions for all your compost toilet needs, just the way you want them.

Why not add a sink to your composting loo, a handy fold-away surface, a sawdust bin, or a rear hatch for easy access to  your compost loo containers?

You'll need sawdust and a compost bin for sure.

Go on, treat yourself and make life easier; It's your very own personal compost loo, after all!


"We aim to give the world the hug that it needs"

Who are we?

Wee Hooses is the creation of Scott Craig. Wee Hooses Compost Toilets are all handmade in the UK and supplied to customers worldwide. Our customer base is all-encompassing: We cater for anyone and everyone. Mostly, our products go to schools, allotments, churches, residential gardens, nurseries, campsites, wedding venues, forestry, private estates, nature reserves, fishing spots, and off-grid homes.

First of all, where did the super name of your company come from? We love it.

We love it too, thanks! It comes from two Scottish words: wee meaning small, and wee meaning wee, as in urine. Hooses is another Scottish word for houses, and both words are, we think, very cute. It encapsulates nicely what our first product was, a place to go do your business (yer wees and poos), freshen up, without making it anyone else's business.

​Where did you get your ideas from for your great products?

Essentially from need. We wanted a healthy water saving toilet and a shower for our off-grid project that was clean, functional, friendly to the environment, easy to use, low cost and needed no planning permission. There was stuff on the market, but it wasn't very appealing, often below par, expensive, looked unsubstantial, and/or was quite labour intensive to maintain.

The main problem with toilets and showers in the household is that they are reliant on so many factors that you take for granted:

Running water

Waste disposal

Energy for hot water


We wanted to avoid being reliant on the grid. We wanted to be self-sufficient and green, so I began to research what we could do to achieve this.

​A vast amount of people in the world have none of the things we take for granted, the main thing being is a clean supply of water. Clean water is such a precious thing that many of us rarely realise we should take care of.

Every year the average person flushes up to 50,000 litres of good clean drinking water per year down the toilet whilst people are dying of thirst in the same world.

How do people deal with their waste in places where they need all their water for survival?

Many people have a hole in the ground where they do all their business; an open-pit latrine. Not only does this method smell terrible, but more than anything it attracts flies and other bugs which spread deadly disease by contaminating their food; a terrible cycle.

To overcome this issue, we thought we could get around this by somehow separating the sewage, and then keep it covered-up to avoid disease and infection, and not pollute the environment. When you think about it, keeping our excretions separate seems a quite natural idea; we have a front and a back exit on our body for good reason. God's handiwork lead the way for the design.

After a bit of searching to see if there was anything out there, there were a few different ideas on the scene, and then we stumbled across a simple under the toilet seat separator design. We tried it. It was perfect! No fuss, just plain and simple. No gadgerty, no parts to maintain, and best of all, no smell.

How come you ended up in the compost loo buisiness? (literally)

A change in personal circumstances meant we had to downsize our home and sell our lovely creations. It turned out that lots of people were looking for a waterless off-grid loo, too. It was from this moment that our compost toilet business was born and evolved to what it is today: Wee Hooses Compost Toilets!

Out of the ashes came new life.

Out of our own life changing experince, which seemed awful at the time, sprang new life: Wee Hooses Compost Toilets.

Wee Hooses Compost Toilets now gleefully supplies to like-minded mindful souls around the world, for their homes, mobile homes, boats, busses, vans, businesses, campsites, private estates, equestrian yards, allotments, forests, hunting lodges, farms, fishing clubs, art galleries, and woodlands.

Can I ask, what's your favourite product?

This might surprise you, it is without a doubt our very own compost toilet. It is my favourite product because it saves so much water and gives back to the planet. A thing of beauty. All handcrafted by myself. I never get tired of makiong them as each one is making the world a better place.

Any final words?

I think compost toilets are the future. The Wee Hoose Compost Toilet is a creative, mindful, and green solution to a worldwide problem. Inventions like the Wee Hoose Compost Toilet are the hug the world needs. I believe we should all try to live more in accord with nature than against it, and the Wee Hoose provides a means to do this.


I used to post regularly on social media sites (usually from our own compost loo) such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest but no longer have the time as I'm so busy building loos, tending to the garden, bee hives, fixing a tractor, or having a cup of tea and listening to birds. I urge you to do more of the same. Take time away from social media and connect with REALity.

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