No plumbing?

No problem!

Our compost loos

are perfect for your 1's and 2's!.

Go on, give the world a hug!

Compost toilets are the future!


All our compost loos are little planet savers. They are all low maintenance, with no contraptions, no vents, no fans, no fuss, no gimmicks, just gorgeous, reliable, simple loos, made with love and care.


They all arrive ready to use with free delivery in UK.

We specialise in simplicity and offer personalised designs.

 Our compost loos each save around 50,000 litres of water per person per year and give back to the land naturally.

We sorted the problem of human waste to waste-not.



Our Wee Hoose compost toilet separator loo bowls take the wiff out of waste by diverting the contents thoughtfully to individual containers, making your compost loo a more hygienic and pleasant place to be, and saves on emptying containers regularly. 

Our composting toilet separators save up to 80% compost material so you are emptying your containers less allowing you to work less and play more.


Our simple yet beautifully handcrafted compost toilet separator loo bowls are made from a high-quality marine grade fiberglass by fiberglass experts to the marine and environmental compost loo industry since 1992.


These separators are perfect for any situation, and fit every toilet seat for those of you interested in building or retrofitting your own composting toilet project.


Simple solutions for all your compost toilet needs, just the way you want them.

Why not add a sink to your composting loo, a handy fold-away surface, a sawdust bin, or a rear hatch for easy access to  your compost loo containers?

You'll need sawdust and a compost bin for sure.

Go on, treat yourself and make life easier; It's your very own personal compost loo, after all!


"We aim to give the world the hug that it needs"

Do you run this experience all year?

Yes! We offer our experiences throughout the year, 7 days a week!

Can we stroke the birds?

Out of respect for our birds and their health and welfare, we do have a "no touching" policy. Guests on experience days will have the chance to have our birds land on their gloved fist, but we do ask that they do not touch or stroke the birds.

Is entry into Groombridge Place included?

No - however it is not needed to be able to be able to participate in your experience, only if you wish to spend the day before or after your experience. Visit to see their opening hours. Please be sure to check their opening times if you are wanting to book an experience on a day which they are open.

Is this experience wheelchair accessable?

Our flying arena is on grass, however amendments can be made to allow those with accessability requirements to participate. Please call us to discuss your requirements before booking.

What should I wear?

Dress for the weather! In the wetter months, boots or wellies are advised as the ground can get quite boggy.

I need to reschedule, can I do this?

Yes, amendments to your booking can be made up to 7 days in advance. Within 7 days, a £20 cancellation fee will apply. You will have to call or email us to do this.

Where is the experience?

We are based within the grounds of Groombridge Place, Kent. The postcode is TN3 9QG.

Can we see the birds before or after the experience?

When Groombridge Place is open to the public, we do offer 2 flying demonstrations a day. This will incur an admission fee into the estate. Otherwise, all of our birds are currently kept off-show, so you would only be able to see them during the shows, or on an experience day.

Can I bring somebody to take photographs?

Yes! We allow ONE spectator per participant to come and take photos. So if you have a voucher for two participants, you can bring two spectators. This is to not overcrowd other guests on the experience.

How is my voucher sent?

All of our gift vouchers are sent instantly as an E-Voucher. You can upgrade to have a gift voucher sent in the post for £3.50. This will be sent 1st Class royal mail.


I used to post regularly on social media sites (usually from our own compost loo) such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest but no longer have the time as I'm so busy building loos, tending to the garden, bee hives, fixing a tractor, or having a cup of tea and listening to the birds. I urge you to do more of the same. Take time away from social media and connect with REALity.


Thanks! Message sent.